Perfume etiquette : how many spray ?

Not sure what to do ? Worried about leaving the place unnoticed or overwhelming the olfactory environment? Here is a simple rule to close the file.

Modified on
May 17th 2022

Samuel Fillon


Although this is a very subtle matter, given that we may have a biased perception of what perfume smells like on ourselves , a few guidelines can save you from overthinking and help you avoid any embarrassing olfactory faux pas.

As a rule of thumb, two well-applied mists on warm areas of your body will keep you free of perfume mismeasurement.

To tailor this guideline, the two main factors to consider are the sillage of the fragrance and how you will wear the fragrance. If the fragrance has a high sillage or if you intend to wear the fragrance in a professional setting (especially indoors), you can limit yourself to a single one mist. Nonetheless, for a fragrance with a more subtle sillage or for evening wear, one or even two additional sprays are sufficient.

Five sprays or more is a pure and simple offence against the rules of good taste and good manners. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Remember: Two sprays is fine. More than 4 is a unwisely.