How to wear and apply perfume

On the neck, armpits, chest or wrist? Here's an outline of the best areas to mist perfume onto.

Modified on
May 5th 2022

Samuel Fillon


Take a walk down the street in the middle of winter. The aromas of the surrounding cafés and restaurants will not seem as intense as it does in high summer. One must acknowledge that a fragrance is composed of molecules that release more easily when they are heated. Hence, we recommend focusing your perfume on the warmest parts of your body.

If you desire to perfume yourself directly on your skin, we advise you to apply the perfume to the areas of the body that are naturally warm as they are vascular, i.e. body parts where the blood circulation is rife, such as the neck or the wrists.

An alternative approach is to mist perfume on your hair for a more subtle sillage. Be careful, however, as the dominant ingredient in perfume is alcohol, there is a slight risk of drying out your beautiful wavy mane if you overuse this option.

Perfuming a scarf in winter could strike the balance. However, be sure to wear a natural fabric (silk, cotton, cashmere, linen, etc.), as synthetic materials do not do well with certain raw substances, particularly aromatic ones.

Remember : Mist your perfume on warm part of your body or on a natural fabric scarf.