I can no longer smell my perfume

Stay calm and do not use this as an opportunity to double the number of mists you use !

Modified on
May 17th 2022

Samuel Fillon


Quite usual, the feeling systematically comes after a few months of wearing the same perfume.

Our noses have evolved from an evolutionary process wherein we have spent a great deal of time attempting to survive wildlife and diseases of all kinds that could effortlessly knock us down. With the avowed goal of surviving, we needed to be able to identify any suspicious odours (e.g. tainted fruit, wild animals lying in wait), so our brains filtered out the odours so that only new or unusual ones reach us. Most of the time we don't even smell our own body odour - if we do, it's a good time to do something about it.

Getting used to the fragrance of your perfume is the #1 culprit in perfume practices faux pas : thinking that your perfume has lost its intensity and ending up trying to to balance it out by adding more perfume. Wave of panic in the open space! If you can not smell the perfume you like so much anymore, the easiest way is to switch from time to time to other perfume or simply to use it less often.

For some delicate or poorly stored perfumes, there is a likelihood that the fragrance has actually lost its smelling power.

More seldom, the inability to perceive odours - referred to as anosmia in medical language - can be the result of a pathology or trauma. By the way, this is a typical symptom of Covid-19. Do not hesitate to consult an health-care professional if your loss of olfactory sensitivity becomes generalized.

Remember: If you can no longer smell your perfume, change it from time to time but do not balance it by applying more perfume.