The influence of skin type on fragrance

One fragrance, several variations. Skin chemistry: myth or reality?

Modified on
May 17th 2022

Samuel Fillon

Cristina Gallego @Unsplash

Sebum - the thin layer of the oil that coats the skin - impacts the evolution of fragrance. Oily skin retains the molecules that compose the fragrance better and will ensure a longer lasting evolution of it - for example, dark-haired women tend to have oilier skin rich in natural oils than blond-haired women.

Diet also plays a role in skin care. Reducing the amount of fat in the diet lowers skin sebum levels and thus the longevity of perfume. For once, there are benefits to overeating Nutella!

Be careful not to overestimate the influence of your skin type on a perfume. The best way to check this is to apply your perfume on a neutral surface, such as a natural fabric scarf, and compare the evolution of the smell between the one on your skin and the one on your scarf.

Remember: While sebum has a clear influence on the longevity of a perfume, misting a scarf will help you realize the actual effect your skin has on perfume.